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Wu Jia Technology

1) The company adheres to the values of "customer first". I believe that only the company's products and services meet the needs of customers, can the company have the opportunity to survive and develop;
2) The company has more than 70 R & D teams, with high literacy, strong professionalism, and rich experience in research and development.
3) The product manufacturing process is benchmarking the "international advanced standards", and grass -roots employees advocate the "craftsmanship" and pursue it as a growth.
4) The after -sales team is strong. The north is centered on Tianjin, and the south has carried out the planning and implementation of the after -sales team in the south.



1) It can provide customers with high -speed handling schemes and equipment for different types of small device products. The maximum speed can reach 6000PCS/H;
2) It can meet the automation needs of high -precision assembly or other high -precision processes in the process.
3) You can provide customers with the feeding schemes and equipment of various components to meet the needs of different customer processes and processes;
4) Mastering the precision testing technology of multiple passive components can provide test -related solutions for industry customers;
5) Mastering the annealing technology of products under high vacuum, you can customize the solution for customers with demand and realize equipment delivery;
6) Grasp the packaging technology of high vacuum to meet the packaging needs of customers' high -quality products;
7) Mastering the technology of "high clean demand" for the product of automated production can meet the needs of customer products for preventing pollution;
8) The application of the application of various brand industrial cameras and the development of secondary functions can provide customers with the needs of functions such as high -precision positioning and appearance inspection;
In summary: Our company can provide customized automation solutions and equipment implementation for customers in different industries; meet customers' needs to achieve product automation needs under different conditions!



Wu Jia Technology

Our company knows the impact of high -end equipment in the "environment" of the manufacturing link on its later period, so we introduced measures to manufacture equipment in the purification room.



Wu Jia Technology

Customer: Over the years, our company has provided services to many world -renowned enterprises at home and abroad. During the service, we have helped our enterprises grow up, and has formed higher service standards and product delivery standards;

       Supplier: In the process of corporate growth and development, we have formed a good cooperative relationship with the suppliers of many well -known brands at home and abroad. In terms of the delivery and quality of the products, the delivery of our products has been well guaranteed. Intersection



Wu Jia Technology

Wu Jia has been established for more than ten years. Relying on his own efforts and the love of many customers have gained a good reputation in the industry. We will always be pursuing "becoming an internationally renowned smart device design manufacturing service provider"!



Wu Jia Technology

The organizational structure is better and faster to serve customers -oriented continuous optimization, pursue efficient and fast;

Based on the specialization of different departments to work for team building and value assessment, the team has strong centripetal force and high stability;

Encourage innovation in the development of the new product, and respect standardization operations in mature products manufacturing;

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