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Scientists overcome the technical bottleneck, the new graphene battery came out, and the sodium battery capacity increased by 10 times
Scientists overcome the technical bottleneck, the new graphene battery came out, and the sodium battery capacity increased by 10 times
Data: 2021-09-02 23:44

Because graphene has the characteristics of light quality, high strength, and strong conductivity, graphene has been regarded as a key material for improving battery charging speed and promoting battery technology progress.

But in fact, as a new material, graphene has been invented for only 10 years. At present, graphene is not only unable to massage large -scale, but also has immature technical problems, and the cost is very high.

Although many manufacturers in the market are hype the concept of graphene battery. On January 15 this year, GAC Ean once stated that the company has developed graphene -based super fast battery, and claims that this battery has "Super fast charging+ charging+ charging+ The characteristics of ultra -long battery life+super security ". However, after this publicity poster was released, GAC was hit hard by many people in the industry.

Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, publicly stated, "If anyone tells you that electric vehicles can run 1,000 kilometers, it can be fully charged in a few minutes, and it is very safe. He must be a scammer." The result also proves that Ouyang Minggao's judgment is wrong. GAC Ean does have problems in propaganda, and its characteristics do not refer to a battery. This case made domestic users clearly realize that graphene batteries will not appear in the market in a short period of time.

Of course, in the long run, graphene batteries are still worth studying products.

It is undeniable that when graphene is used as a battery conductive, it can indeed increase the battery energy density and charging power multiplied rate to a certain extent. Although the ideal graphene battery has great difficulties, the use of graphene materials to help traditional batteries be upgraded. This set of solutions actually has a very high feasibility.

At present, with the advantages of low cost and strong adaptability, sodium ion batteries are likely to complete alternatives to lithium ion batteries in the future. However, the energy storage capacity of sodium ion battery is relatively weak. If it wants to achieve popularity in the market, it is inevitable to use graphene help. In fact, scientists have been trying to integrate the above two materials in the battery. Moreover, scientists have recently achieved technological breakthroughs.

On August 26, the Financial Association reported that scientists at the Charmers Institute of Technology, Sweden developed a new type of graphene material -Janus graphene.

Members of the research team said that a molecular interval is added to the side of the new graphene layer. When these layers are stacked together, the molecules can create a larger space between graphene. The battery capacity has been greatly increased.

It is reported that using the new Janus graphene instead of graphite, scientists successfully achieved a capacity of 332mAh/G in experimental sodium batteries. This is about 10 times higher than that of the natoba designed with traditional ideas. The success of this research has been published in the magazine of Scientific Progress.

Although in the short term, the new graphene battery has a long way to enter the mass market from the laboratory, but considering that the current industries are looking forward to the emergence of new battery technology, and as the scale of the battery market continues to expand, more and more and more and more and more and more and more are increasingly expanded. Capital has poured into the battery industry. In my opinion, the new graphene battery may not allow users to wait too long.

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