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What are the advantages and disadvantages of graphene floor heating?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of graphene floor heating?
Data: 2021-09-02 23:44

What are the advantages and disadvantages of graphene floor heating? The graphene industry is an industry that has only emerged after 2014. Graphene floor heating is also just emerging in recent years, and many people do not particularly understand graphene floor heating. The price is slightly higher than other methods of heating, and its heating effect is still very good. Today, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of graphene floor heating. First of all, understand the graphene floor heating.

1. What is graphene floor heating

1. Graphene floor heating is a graphite as a raw material. It is a crystalline material. In 2004, this technology has been developed. The graphene is separated from the graphite. This is also a major discovery in science.

2. Graphene has the function of conductivity and thermal conductivity, so it is used as floor heating, which has completely changed the way people's heating. In the market, its development space is still relatively large, mainly because of the work of graphene floor heating, as well as far -infrared light, which can regulate the human body, so it has the function of health.

Second, the advantages of graphene floor heating

1. Graphene is warm, comfortable and healthy, and strong health. Very energy -saving, because it can use the indoor temperature controller, people can adjust themselves, so that the indoor is in a constant temperature and has a very energy -saving effect. Floor heating belongs to the ground radiation heat dissipation. Pipes under the indoor surface, and then use water as a medium to circulate the surface. There are two aspects of the benefits of this heat dissipation method. On the one hand, the feeling of warm feet is warm, which can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and meet the health standards; on the other hand, the heat rises from the surface, which can destroy the living environment of parasites such as mites such as mites , Sterilize the ground, rising heat will not cause dirty air to flow, healthy and comfortable.

2. Environmental protection. There is no exhaust exhaust when the graphene floor heating is used, so it will not cause pollution to the environment, and it also meets the environmental protection needs launched by the country. Graphene is warm and energy -saving, and has good stability. Although water floor heating needs to be heated for a long time, because there is a thermostat, you only need to control the temperature after heating, and consume less power. It is about 30%more energy than electric floor heating and heating tablets. At the same time, the water floor is warm with water as the heat media, and the stability is good.

3. The heating speed is relatively fast. If the traditional hydropower heating or electric floor heating is used, the speed is slow, but the graphene floor heating is relatively fast because of the good thermal conductivity.

4. The service life is relatively long. If the family is installed with graphene floor heating, generally, the service life can reach 50 years, and the safety factor is high. And there are few problems during use. Some graphene brands will also have a warranty period, so you can use it with confidence. Water floor heating is basically the same life span as the building. When used, there is basically no safety problem. The long life of water heating has greatly reduced the problem of ordinary heating equipment due to the problem of service life, and saves additional costs incurred during the second replacement.

5. Graphene floor heating saves space and beautify the room. Water floor heating is installed underground. After the installation is completed, only a beautiful thermostat is exposed on the wall. Many families now have installed heating films. Although the appearance has been improved in recent years, it is more exquisite than before, but after a long time, it will inevitably be outdated and affect the beauty of the overall home style.

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