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How much is the price of graphene, just see it?
How much is the price of graphene, just see it?
Data: 2021-09-03 15:16

Graphene is very widely used in industry. It is called "industrial monosodiuman" in various industries. It can also achieve high -quality results. A winning universal additive. At present, the high sales volume on the market is the two types of graphene powder and graphene paste. Different specifications of graphene powder and graphene paste. The market price is naturally different. What is the price per gram of graphene?

How much is the price of graphene and what do you need to know about knowledge? There are many speaking prices of graphene, and different specifications and models are different. The following editor of the carbon technology summarizes the different knowledge on the Internet to see how much gram of graphene is the price?

There are many models of graphene, and the parameters of each model are different. Common single -layer graphene multi -layer graphene and multi -layer graphene. The purity is generally 95 ~ 99.5%. It depends on the requirements. The price is tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan per gram. Many graphene oxides on the market are sold as graphene. The cost is low, but it is not graphene at all.

How much is the price of graphene?

At the beginning of the past few years, it was about 3,000 yuan/gram. Later, it was more than 2,000 yuan/gram. Later, it was more than 3,000 yuan/kg. To more than 1,000 yuan/kg. At present, the price ranges from 80-1500 yuan/kg. The specific price depends on the number of layers. Single-layer or multi-layer, single-layer expensive, multi-layer cheap. And it is also divided into oxidation reduction or mechanical stripping method.

Graphene price saying two

According to the market market in 2019, some low -purity and poor quality graphene are priced at tens of yuan. And some high -purity graphene can buy more than 5,000 yuan per gram. As a two -dimensional carbon nanoma material, graphene is currently in the market. It mainly uses gram to do the dependency unit. Depending on the purity, the price of graphene is also different. Graphene has excellent optical, electrical, and mechanical characteristics, and has important application prospects in terms of material science, micro -acceptance processing, energy, biomedical and drug transmission.

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