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What are the graphene companies?
What are the graphene companies?
Data: 2021-09-02 23:44

The industrialization of graphene in 2020 is still in the development period and further breakthroughs. However, in order to truly realize the production scale of industrialization and realize the huge value of graphene, it is necessary to further standardize graphene standards and solve problems such as graphene preparation technology, graphene transfer technology, and downstream industrialization applications. Let's take a look at the top ten listed companies in graphene today? List of domestic graphene leading companies

Fangda Carbon: Asia's largest carbon product production and supply base company has a comprehensive production capacity of carbon products, with a comprehensive production capacity of 230,000 tons, of which graphite electrodes and carbon new materials are 200,000 tons and 30,000 tons of charcoal bricks. Fangda charcoal is based on the equipment and technical level of each subsidiary, complementary advantages, standardized production, and division of labor. It can produce the varieties and specifications of graphite electrodes and carbon products required by customers at home and abroad. Leading products include ultra -high power, high power, ordinary power graphite electrode; special graphite products, biocham products, charcoal felt and charcoal/charcoal composite materials, etc., the products are widely used in metallurgical, chemical, machinery, medical, biological, biological, biological Wuling in industries and high -tech fields. The company obtained the patent of the method of preparing graphene with limestone as the raw material.

Liche shares: indirect participation in two -dimensional carbon Lihe shares to participate in Changzhou Two -dimensional Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. Two -dimensional carbon is located in the Changzhou Wujin Economic Development Zone. It is a major research and development and manufacturing enterprise specializing in large -scale graphene transparent conductive film and graphene capacitive touch modules. The two -dimensional carbon technology team took the lead in publishing chemical gas deposition method in 2008 to synthesize graphene. For the first time, the world successfully grown up a macro -large -scale high -quality graphene film. In January 2012, the world's first graphene capacitor touch screen was released. In May 2013, the annual production of 30,000 square meters of graphene film production line was completed and put into operation. Sales. The company is expected to reach the production capacity of 200,000 square meters of graphene film materials in 2014.

Baoan, China: Betry, a holding subsidiary, is the world's largest lithium -ion battery negative material supplier

Shenzhen Bateri New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of positive, negative electroded materials and nano applications dedicated to lithium ion secondary batteries and nano applications controlled by Baoan Group. The company integrates basic research, product development, production, sales, and providing solutions -body. The Betry Branch was established in Jixi, Tianjin, Shanxi, Huizhou, etc. The company is the world's largest lithium battery negative material supplier. It is the only company in the world with the complete value industry chain of the negative electrode material. The company's customers include Samsung, LG, Japan Sanyo, BYD, etc. In 2011, the company completed the construction line construction and process optimization of the graphene project, and the daily output of graphene reached a kilogram.

Jinlu Group (Deyangne ​​Carbon): In the early stage of developing graphene companies with the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (June 31, 2011 to December 31, 2013) And the development of power battery electrode materials. On December 22, 2013, the company and the Institute of Metal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed the "Technical Development Contract". The two parties decided to continue cooperation in the research and development of graphene materials and its application technology and industrialization technology. R & D.

New Materials of Pyrane Carbon: Successfully transformed to the field of carbon carbon new materials since 2013, new materials for carbon carbon have been replaced by assets, and the main business has been transformed from real estate development to new materials for carbon carbon. The company's current main business: graphite products, graphene and nano -carbon, carbon products, refractory materials, active carbon products, new materials for carbon carbon, rare earth carbon -based composite materials, mineral products, metal and non -metal materials, Development and technology transfer of carbon carbon new materials, urban infrastructure investment, etc.

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